Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Keyser Soze Method


I felt it incumbent to issue a warning because there is duplicity, especially among the so-called American left, that allows certain permissions to groups who would not be granted safe haven otherwise.

American journalist, James Foley, was beheaded in August, 2014 by Muslim extremists after nearly two years of captivity. The disgust in the West and industrialized world was palpable. Knowing that his parents saw the video of the slaying broke my heart. I know my own brother and I were beyond derailed from our daily routine as was anyone with a conscience or shred of human decency. More have followed and it seems the beheading trend is back by way of ISIS.

Alan Henning was a British cab driver who volunteered, driving medical supplies into war torn Syria before his capture in 2013. He was found innocent in a Sharia court of charges of espionage. He was found innocent in the Arab Militant court. Yet, despite the ruling and pleas from his wife, the same Ninja-dressed asshole chopped off Henning’s head…

“How do we communicate with these terrorists?”

“What can we do to show them that we’re not at war with Islam?”

These are some of the misguided questions that folks in the West love to ask. It’s a natural reaction from rational people who “use their words” productively. It’s as if there’s an answer the student body president can summon to make it all better so we can all have a good prom.

I have news for you; the Arab militant is well aware that there is NO war with Islam, he just likes to pretend there is. The Arab Militant and his groups are not the Europe or Japan of the 1940s. They're not Korea or Vietnam. The Arab militant is only after total destruction of the West. NOT just Israel but the West as an entity which includes and is not limited to Great Britain, Germany, France and the U.S. Even Turkey may make the list any day now…

The Arab militant only respects force and will not respond to positive vibrations or even promises of commerce. They revile discussions of progress as “selling out.” They hate the Saudis for doing so even though they have been terrible at it. These “freedom fighters” are rife in graft and corruption. Its leaders get rich skimming the donations from the IMF, Iran, the United States and other European countries while their charges starve and get blown to bits.

In Animal Farm fashion, they destroy anyone who questions their dictatorial authority. Most recently, Hamas executed eighteen men in front of a Mosque after worship services. They were suspected of collaborating with Israel. No trial, just shot to death in front of their families. Since when did it become kosher for Muslims to murder Muslims?


The Arab Militant counts on the idiocy of westerners who compare any attack on them to “genocide” and calling jails “internment camps.” He also loves to crow about past injustices as though their “Jihad” is actually sanctioned by God and their own sins are sacrosanct. Who am I to discredit the Arab Militant? I sure as hell ain’t God and for that the Arab Militant is fortunate. However, since none of us are God, we’re stuck with these assholes because apologist, dimwits insist on relativist discussions that are based in as much fact as, well, Keyser Soze…

So…what to do?

One of my favorite films is the Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey plays the enigmatic villain/vagrant criminal Verbal Kint aka Keyser Soze. In his Oscar winning performance, Spacey describes the origins of Keyser Soze. How, when rival drug dealers murdered his family, “he was going to show these men of will what will really was.”

The film is twenty years old, so if I’m giving anything away? Please…

He then describes the wholesale slaughter of every known associate of Sozes’ enemies. Anyone who did business with them, their wives, parents, kids, guys they knew from school…the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Everyone, that is before killing the killers.

The recently launched U.S. led airstrikes are going to accomplish about as much as the two idiotic boondoggles we barely got out of and now seem to be re-entering. We have to stop engaging this enemy with the tired military exercises that counted on a return address. This enemy has some buildings but doesn’t really count on them. More war is not going to help.

I don’t say this for the reasons you think I do.

After Vietnam, Americans had no stomach for more war. The Cold War was its highest and no one wanted a full war with the Russians. Both sides got smart and accelerated covert operations. It wasn’t always fair but it was more effective than spilling blood and treasure over “conflicts” in two bit banana republics no one would scarcely care for a month later. I say we go back to 1970s style covert black ops and hire mercenaries to kill the families and associates of these murderous, heinous assholes. You kill their mom, their 3 year old, and their aging grandfather. The Arab Militant may want the seventy-two virgins but will be tortured when he learns his toddler was turned into a soufflé.

They do not value life as evidenced by the past decade plus of beheadings (their favorite pastime). They love their mothers, wives and kids and they don’t mind dying for Allah. However, they’ll mind when we kill their families and send them to Allah C.O.D. as an additional “fuck you.”

Their families? Really? That sounds so cruel…

Um, no. Since most Arab Muslims at least tacitly support this activity, they most likely will be very proud of a family member who does the “Jihad.” Also, even if they don’t support it, the point is to punish the Arab Militant through pain. We do this through their families and friends.
After around twenty of these sets of slayings, you finally murder the perpetrators, including the pretentious British, head chopping prick. However, by the time they’re gotten to, I recommend torturing them to death Russian mob or Yakuza style, so they live long enough to watch their own end trails be used as shoelaces.

Now, I can hear the collective sucking of sphincters as some of you may ask, “Surely, you don’t recommend we do that?”

Yes, I do. For real.

Murder the “leaders” and the rats flee. The Pareto Principle kicks in and most of the eighty in the 80/20 Rule proves evident. These guys will run when they see everyones’ ass is up for grabs. If I was a fan of lousy grammar in essays, I’d toss in, “LOL!!!” for good measure.

Moreover, we make this a joint coalition so that no one group of mercenaries is traced to any one country. We must stop treating the Arab Militant by Geneva Convention dictates and start going medieval on their fucking asses. Even if that means secretly going into countries, like we did in Pakistan for Bin Laden, and wiping out the leadership and keep doing it, unrelentingly.

I am not the biggest supporter of Barack Obama but I had a chuckle when the GOP crowed in 2012, “He fired double the drone strikes of George W. Bush in half the time!” I thought, “Well, I have no problem with that. He works faster! Yay him!!! You have another problem I can really give a shit about? I’m sure there a few.”

Shoot video of a head choppers’ mom strung up by her toes like a fucking piñata ala Benito Mussolini on his last day and beaten to death. Next his wife, kids, banker buddy, friends from school, even the Oxford educated folks. Any family & friends of theirs will die! Make the point that if you do these things we will do this back. Harder than you, better than you and because we have more money and know how, longer than you…

Here’s the beauty of The Keyser Soze Method, anybody can do it! It will have no visible backing from any one industrialized nation. All you have to do is round up cash and mercenaries will line up for weeks to do this job. And here’s the utter genius of torturing cowards…ready? Here it is, after about twenty to thirty cases of this kind of wholesale slaughter of any known associates of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades etc., they will be begging for some Western love and good vibrations, crying to the media and the left that they need help.

“Help? From what? Oh yeah…someone is doing drive-bys on jihadists. What a shame!”

The news can actually be fun again! Yay!!!

There will be cries of a conspiracy, and who will care? Exactly.

Now, I understand that in polite circles, this kind of chatter is considered barbaric and “beneath a civilized society.” I have a couple of clichés; first, we have to get our hands dirty and second, if you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. Now, if those eggs happen to be 
Arab Militant skulls, fuck it. We’ve been too nice. 

But it doesn’t end there. It’s incumbent upon the West (especially the U.S. and most of Europe) to take responsibility for simply god-awful foreign policy in the region for the last 150 years or so. The modus operandi has been one of expediency at best and treating the region as pets at worst. We have sold our collective souls for oil and so that Fallujah can have a Mickey D’s…

Aren’t we tired of sending our best and brightest to die miniature dirt wars? They do nothing but serve corporate interests and the phony welfare program known as the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. The Keyser Soze Method is cheap and keeps the war machine from making money by fooling us into some phony, patriotic dogma.

After the required enema of the region (hence, the Keyser Soze Method), we must adopt new policies. They must be able to withstand any test of decency and prolonged reciprocity. These must be entered into in good faith; after all, we broke it so we fix it, right?

The stories the Arab Militant uses to arm his psyche have been provided for by over 200 years of broken agreements and forgotten promises of so-called nation building and Western Imperialism. His is supplied with evidence based in a past that halts the future. This prevents him from moving forward.

Every nation who has ever made peace with its neighbors had a past to conquer. The Arab Militant is fueled by stories of Mossadegh, the failure of 1980s Afghanistan after the Russians left, along with a host of gaffes and cruelty. However, the so-called militant is now using these stories to concoct fantasies where the murder of innocents is justified for nothing more than greed and personal gain; conquering oil rich regions and expecting to actually participate in global commerce to line the pockets of a venal few. The people they want to “free” are the ersatz slaves of these lunatics and are terrified to move against them.

So we do it for them. I say we do this and everyone gets a do-over. Quick, quiet and cruel…